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The Pursuit of the ExtraOrdinary


Okay, let me just take a minute here to say how much I hate my life for not being in London to catch this exhibition. This man amazes me with his art. AMAZES ME, he makes me wanna cry in happiness for his existence, his name equals ART for me.

And not because he’s a recluse and oh how mysterious that is and oh how much more important he is now that he doesn’t give interviews much. I’m not attracted by the mystery created around him, I’d love him just as much if I was getting his updates on fb every two minutes,what he did or what he ate, like I get Snooki’s.

The thing is, he CREATES. And he puts so much feeling in it, because, I can feel it too. Which is hard, cuz I don’t feel easily. But through his songs I get in his shoes,and I cry for his lost love, and anyone who’s ever lost love, and through his drawings I get what’s in his head. His art speaks directly to me, and through it i learn about the whole world.. I cannot explain it well…

Let’s just all hate our lives for a moment for not being in London today.

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